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The Hamden Journal

Local newspaper based in Hamden, Connecticut.

This online newspaper is built on the Expression Engine content management system and features automatic news article archiving, integration with MailChimp®, PayPal® and Google Search®. The banner ads are managed using the OpenX ad server.


KJN Restoration, LLC

KJN Restoration, based in Hamden, Connecticut, provides contracting sevices such as roofing, windows and siding.

The website layout and color scheme were created by Silvia Berg of of Hamden.

The website features rotating images in the banner and an easy-to-use navigation. The website pages are written in HTML/CSS and built upon an easy-to-maintain PHP templating engine.


Cathedral of Higher Praise

Cathedral of Higher Praise is a religious organization based in New Haven, Connecticut.

The website is based on Perch CMS, a lightweight, easy-to-use content management system. The banner (masthead) features a dynamic slideshow based on the Nivo Slider image rotator.


Fine Art Imaging Inc.

Fine Art imaging is a digital imaging and printing company based in New York City providing large format display graphics.

The website features an easy-to-use content management system (Perch CMS) and an image gallery based on the Highslide JS image & thumbnail viewer.


Center For Anxiety Disorders and Phobias

Center For Anxiety Disorders and Phobias provides consultative services and treatments for anxiety disorders.

The website has a modern HTML/CSS layout and is constructed with an easy-to-maintain modular design using PHP-based templating components.

The design concept for this website was created by Davie & Lindholm Design Partnership of Hamden.


Association of Connecticut Choruses

The Association of Connecticut Choruses is a non-profit organization that promotes choral singing in Connecticut and provides various resources to member choruses.

This membership site is built using the CodeIgniter® (PHP/MySQL) framework and features a dynamic calendar of events and a chorus profile, both of which are maintained by the individual members through a password protected control panel.


Analytic Resources, LLC

Analytic Resources, LLC, is an economic consulting company based in Woodbridge, Connecticut.

The website has a modern HTML/CSS layout and is constructed with an easy-to-maintain modular design using PHP-based templating components.


Kesart, LLC

Kesart LLC is owned and operated by Karen Abbruscato, an artist who works in New Haven, CT.

This website, based on the Expression Engine CMS is designed to display numerous photo galleries. The Kesart website is integrated with the PayPal payment gateway that allows the client to sell her photographic art online.


Winston Strategic Partners, LLC

Winston Strategic Partners is a specialized communications firm based in Connecticut.

The website features a modern layout (CSS and HTML based) and a clean, minimalistic design. The website content is displayed interactively using Dynamic HTML based on the jQuery JavaScript library.


Shell Mar Consulting, LLC

Shell Mar Consulting is a media and public relations company based in Connecticut.

The website features a modern layout (CSS and HTML based) and a clean, professional design.


Sommers & Associates

Sommers & Associates is an executive coaching company located in Guilford, Connecticut. The client is also a noted public speaker.

The website features a modern layout (CSS and HTML based) and podcasts (audio clips posted as .mp3 files) that can be played using an embedded Flash® Audio Player.


The May Day Celebration Committee

The May Day Celebration Committee organizes the annual May Day celebration for New Haven, Connecticut, an event that features music, guest speakers, performance artists and other celebratory activities. The website presents registration information, schedule of evnets, photo archives and historical information about May Day Celebrations.

The website is built in HTML and CSS and uses a structured modular design (with PHP includes) to faciliate maintenance.


Verve, LLC

Verve, LLC, offers personal and business coaching and training.

The website features an online HTML editor for updating and managing page content.

The News & Articles page uses a database-driven content management tool (based on PHP/MySQL) that allows the website administrator to post short articles onto the website and to create automatically a list of archived articles.


New England Theatre Conference, Inc

The New England Theatre Conference (NETC) is a non-profit corporation, composed of individuals and organizations in the six-state region of New England, who are active or interested in the performing arts.

The website features various secure application forms allowing people to apply for membership, pay for advertisement, and register for conferences.

The NETC website features a online page editor that allows the site administrator page content. In addition, the website has a database driven Calendar page for events and deadlines, and a password protected Members Area where members can access a Members Directory and other reserved content.


Strategic Vision Partners, LLC

Strategic Vision Partners, LLC, is a management consultancy based in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

The website acts as an online brochure describing the staff and services of Strategic Vision Partners.


Saint John Lutheran Church & Preschool

Saint John Lutheran Church & Preschool, based in Meriden, Connecticut, wanted a website to publish its announcements and calendar of events and newsletters.

The Announcements, Calendar and Newsletter pages were built using a combination of Cascading Style Sheets techniques and PHP scripting.

The website features an administrative interface to allow the site administrator to update the announcements, events and to post the weekly newsletter as a PDF file.


The University Glee Club of New Haven

The University Glee Club of New Haven, Connecticut, is a male choir with over 50 members who perform several concerts per year. The Glee Club website is designed to provide information to its members and to promote its various activities. The website is designed with a table-free design using HTML and CSS.


Our Designs

Clean Layouts

Audet Web Design strives to create websites with clean, modern layouts that are easy to read and navigate.

HTML & CSS Coding

Audet Web Design uses best practices in HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) so that your website pages load quickly, are easier to maintain and readible by seach engine robots.


Audet Web Design integrates database programming into your website to help you manage complicated content such as newsletters, calendars, mailing lists and so on.

Dynamic Effects

Audet Web Design uses modern JavaScript libraries such as jQuery to add interactive features to your website.