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Displaying Your Images On Your Website

If you have many pictures to display on your website, you can consider using an image viewer that allows your visitors to scroll through a series of images or to view your images in a slideshow.

Modern image viewers use Flash or Javascript to provide professional effects such as fade-in/fade-out, and can also synchronize audio clips to play captions or accompanying music.

Many images viewers are configured through an external XML file which means that you do not have to re-program the original Flash file to change options (for example, color or size) or to add new images files. Therefore, the images viewers demonstrated here can be integrated into content management systems.

Follow the links on the left to try out the various demonstrations to see how you might display your images.

Playing Audio Files

Your website may have music or audio files for your visitors. Flash Music Players can be embedded in your webpages to provide a professional looking control panel to allow your visitors to start/pause/stop your audio clip, to control the volume or to select from a playlist of multiple files.